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(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2027★09:48 am]
[Location |Gumyoji, Japan]

Mirukuma Shop & Shopping Service

For all of the latest stock updates, sales, and Closet Child stock information posts!

Like on facebook to receive stock updates and Closet Child trip notifications~!
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Re-opening of Mirukuma Shop [Aug. 3rd, 2014★12:12 pm]
[Location |Nagano, Japan]


LOTS of Brand New With Tags Items! Re-opening of Mirukuma Shop :) Holy Cross Bracelet, MDC Porter Choco Bear Bracelet, AP Biscuit Bag, Wish Me Mell tights, Melty Moon Bags in Pink and Sax Blue, Crystal Dream Carnival JSK, Cosmic Star Pocket Parka, Magical Etoile JSK Red, Magical Lyrical Bunny Bracelet and Necklace, Misty Sky Ring, Fancy Lyrical Bunny Bracelet, Lace and Velvet Ribbon Wristcuffs in Rose and Dark BrownCollapse )
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(no subject) [Apr. 8th, 2014★05:57 pm]

ETC-style Franche Lippee Kitten Pocket Cardigan, AP x Imai Kira 2001-2012 Postcard Collection Book, Sweet Magazine Tote Bags from Jill Stuart and Cher, Jill Stuart Nail Polish, Angelic Pretty Dreamy Baby Room PosterCollapse )
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Closet Child Value Packs & Giveaway [Aug. 6th, 2013★06:34 pm]
Closet Child Value Packs are back! They will now be available until August 17th. Treat yourself to some goodies!
And just another reminder, I am hosting a giveaway! This time including the following items~
AP Parfait Glass, SWIMMER Pastel Ribbons Skirt, BtSSB Tote (Black), Paris Kids Lucky Pack
You can enter over at!
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DS: Magical Etoile, Milky Way, Gathered Chiffon, Swan Lake, Chick Bag, Kitten Tights, Aqua Princess [Jul. 14th, 2013★11:58 am]
Magical Etoile OP Black, Gathered Chiffon IrisxBlack, Meta Swan Lake JSK Black, Hiyokochan chick bag, Milky Way JSK BlackxBlue, Ap Wristcuffs, SWIMMER Kitten Tights, Closet Child Cupcake Poof Petticoat, AP Pink Ribbon Bag, AP Fantastic Princess Style Princess Dress Wine Red + REDUCED: AP Accessories, Aqua Princess Skirt, Classic Style Leather BootiesCollapse )
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Closet Child Harajuku [Jun. 27th, 2013★01:12 am]
[Location |Gumyoji, Japan]

I will be visiting Closet Child Harajuku tomorrow~!
Please check out the CC Harajuku blog:

And contact me at the link below if you see anything you want :)

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Ending in 5 hours! [Apr. 3rd, 2013★07:39 am]

Final reminder that the BRAND GIVEAWAY over at is ending in 5 hours! Go get in your last minute entries :)
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(no subject) [Mar. 31st, 2013★03:37 pm]

Necessary updates~!

Hi everyone, this post will mainly be an update sort of post so I'm sorry about that!

First, just wanted to let everyone who didn't already know that I was in and out of the hospital last week, with my final appointment tomorrow, due to some medical issues that came out of nowhere. I haven't ever really been sick like this before so it took me off guard and I had to put all shop and shopping service orders on hold while I tried to recover. For anyone that was inconvenienced by that I am so sorry and please let me know if you would like a free gift with your next order or anything, I would (seriously) be happy to oblige so feel free to ask or tell me if you are upset so I can fix it!! :)

Second, I will be back to taking orders on Monday (tomorrow), but will not be traveling to Harajuku/Shinjuku/Tokyo area until later this week. If you have an urgent request for the Tokyo area, I'm so sorry, but right now I'm trying to stay healthy. So the Yokohama area is all I can manage at the moment.

And, I am changing the service fees again because I noticed that a lot of people were unhappy with them. So I definitely don't want that to be the case! And I apologize to anyone who was upset about them. I'll most likely do a system similar to others with the whole basic percentage thing~ the shop is still open and taking orders, however.

Lastly, the giveaway has been extended since, while I was sick, it was neglected. So now it will run until April 3, 2013. If you forgot to enter or didn't get a chance to yet, this is your last chance ^^

Okay that's it for now, sorry about that everyone but hopefully everything will be back on track now, thank you! <3
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Brand Giveaway Reminder! [Mar. 18th, 2013★02:58 pm]

It's been almost six months since Mirukuma Shop opened! To celebrate and show my thanks, I am hosting a brand giveaway!

This giveaway includes all of the items pictured above! Angelic Pretty and Baby accessories, SWIMMER OTK socks, Baby catalog, and an Angelic Pretty tote bag.

There are three ways to enter - click here to view the blog entry and submit your entries!

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Creamy Mami [Mar. 8th, 2013★07:06 pm]
I just got back from Shinjuku, where, in Marui One, there is a huge Creamy Mami pop-up shop! It just opened today, and has collaborations with lots of brands, including Angelic Pretty. I grabbed some cute goods for myself and some to put in the shop :)

I will be going again tomorrow (March 9th) to pick up more AP goods (only the badges and tights were released today) so if anyone has any shopping service requests please feel free to email me before I go~!

Shop photos, goods for sale, sign meet, and more under the cut!Collapse )
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