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[Feb. 4th, 2013★05:01 pm]
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Important Information - Please Note Before Ordering:
I no longer use Paypal and have switched to Amazon Shopping Cart Amazon is extremely easy to set up and use! It is the same as checking out through any other online shop. If you have any questions feel free to email me or comment at the bottom of this page.

To order: Please comment listing the item(s) you would like to purchase. I will then contact you with a link to a page where you can purchase the item(s). This is to make sure that only one of each item is sold.

After you are linked to the item's purchase page: Click the "Checkout with Amazon" button under the item you would like to purchase. Then log into your Amazon account, or create a new one, and proceed through the quick and simple checkout process.

General Information:
I will not be responsible for items that are lost or damaged in the mail. All sales are final.
I will package and mail your order within four business days.
I ask that the buyer cover the Amazon fees (the same cost as Paypal fees).
No trades please.

Here an here.

Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate Ring Pink and Brown

$34 + $4 shipping anywhere

Angelic Pretty Black Simple Side Headbow

Has extra little ribbons sewn on the edges. Really cute and simple!

$32 + $4 shipping anywhere

BtSSB Choco Biscuit Pass Case/ID Card Holder

Can hold your ID card, train pass, etc.

$29 + $4 shipping anywhere

Angelic Pretty Hanikami Gummy Bear Necklace

$33 + $4 shipping anywhere

Angelic Pretty Cinema Doll Polka Dot Ribbon Bracelet Black

$39 + $4 shipping anywhere

Angelic Pretty Ichigo Strawberry Rings

Red or Pink

$26 + $4 shipping anywhere EACH

Angelic Pretty Rose Ring

Delicate rose on a rhinestone embedded gold ribbon!

$26 + $4 shipping anywhere

Angelic Pretty Drink Me Necklace Sax Blue

$52 + $4 shipping anywhere

SWIMMER Wall Clock

Perfect size to hang on the wall! Not too small and not too big.

$19 + $5 shipping anywhere

BtSSB Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale Chocolita JSK Brown

Bust:  87-97, Waist:  69-79, Length:  92

In perfect condition!

$255 + $19 shipping anywhere

Angelic Pretty Milky Planet Mini Skirt & Matching Headbow Set Yellow

In great condition and includes matching headbow.

$165 + $19 shipping anywhere

Paris Kids lucky bags
I managed to get 7 more in stock~!

Each contains up to about $40 worth of merchandise fro Paris Kids. At the very least they contain at least $25 worth of merchandise. They are brand new and unopened so I have no idea of the contents.

$19.99 + $6 shipping anywhere each

7 in stock!

Rare Metamorphose Apple Print JSK with Belt

92cm + lace length (skirt length: 55cm + lace), 94cm bust, 70cm waist

In good condition, collar is only slightly aged due to this item being released in 2007. Belt is still attached, though one of the detachable bows is missing. In otherwise great condition though!

$89 + $19 shipping anywhere

Super Rare Limited Laforet Harajuku Disney 110th Anniversary Jewelry

Both brand new with tags! Sold out extremely fast from the Laforet AP branch and will not be sold again.

Necklace: $88 $70 + $5 shipping anywhere

Ring: $65 $52 + $4 shipping anywhere

Angelic Pretty Wonder Party Mini Tote Sax Blue
$18 $14 shipped anywhere

Brand New SWIMMER Accessories

I have only one pair of each style in stock but can get more of th earrings!

Ribbon earrings, Mooncat earrings, Rabbit clips

$12 each pair + $3.50 shipping anywhere

SWIMMER Deco Watches

Brand new! I can get more of the white banded version if there is any interest.

$24 each + $4 shipping anywhere

SWIMMER 2013 Calender

Brand new in packaging! Includes stickers on the front, and the calendar pages can be postcards when you are done with them.

$22 + $4 shipping anywhere


I was able to ge 2 more pairs f the ribbon tights in stock! These are the very last ones, however, of both styles.

Pink kitten tights: $22 + $4 shipping anywhere

Ribbon tights: $14 + $4 shipping anywhere


SWIMMER Pop-cute sneakers & hair clips, Paris Kids LUCKY PACKS, AP Country of Sweets for $180 shipped, Meta Room Print $132 shipped, BtSSB Icecream OP for $83 shipped and MORE at this link~

Toy Parade OP for $280 at this link (TAKING OFFERS)~

Angelic Pretty Wonder Party Bowl and Spoon Set, Choco Drop Wristcuffs, Novelty Plush and Pillows at this link~

[User Picture]From: Thuy Thanh Tran
2013-02-04 10:16 am (UTC)

Milky chan cardi


Hi I would like to purchased Angelic Pretty Milky Chan Cardi Pink $55. Are they still available?
If yes, please PM into
Thank you